Regardless of whether you see yourself as a food epicurean or somebody who isn’t exacting, food is clearly a day-to-day existence need.

What’s more, there’s considerably more to it than simply taste. Supplements, food prep, and culture-driven perspectives toward food all impact various parts of our physical and emotional wellness…

Rundown of well known Google Doodle games, check here

Do you very much want to pause for a moment and invest your energy in having a good time? Computer games are the solution to your usual range of familiarity. Have a go at taking a risk and playing some famous…

Methods comparison

List is the ordered collection in Python. It is one of the basic and important data structure.

List contains lot of build in methods like append, clear, delete, extend, pop, count, copy , Insert , Index ,Remove, Reverse , sort ,sorted , etc.

Append vs. Extend

Append and Extend both are the methods…


pip install covid

First we have to install pip library then install covid module from pip using about line.

from covid import Covid

Using this line we can import the covid module in a program. Using this module we can get the data about covid cases…

Most of the time we feel alone during the quarantine. So we can talk with AI will also reply back. It make us comfortable and happy.

Here Python modules are used for this project.

The requirements are ….

we have install pip package in our system then we can start…


Requirements are : First need to install the pip package in system

Here we have to install each module from pip package by running the command like,

pip install __future__

pip install youtube_dl

pip install urllib

pip install shutil

pip install pathlib

pip install requests

from __future__ import unicode_literals

import youtube_dl

import urllib

import shutil

import tkinter as tk

from tkinter import…

Python supports Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Web Development, Scientific computing, GUI, etc.

Python is a general-purpose language, object-oriented programming language, Scripting language, high-level programming language, dynamic typing language, Interpreted language.

Every revision of Python enjoys performance improvements over the previous version. python recently python 3.9 released with new…

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